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One Day Share Market Training

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Upcoming Session:

7th March 2018
10th March 2018

Session per day:

6 hours


10 AM - 4 PM

Total Session Duration:

3 days

About the Course:

This one day (6 hours) training is really power packed about everything you should know before entering share market. It quickly gives you basic knowledge, let you know what you should prepare to be ready to go. It also covers how to search best shares from the flooding market that makes you winner and provides practical exposure too. So, this is "all in one" valuable training within 1 day time.

Training Fee:

Rs. 1,200

Target Group:

  1. All beginners mentally ready to invest in share market.
  2. Jobholders who want to do side business in share market
  3. Housewives who want to earn additional money in share market.
  4. Students who want to start their journey in share market
  5. Who want to play safe with steady earnings from share market?
  6. People who want to find out "hidden gem" shares in market.


  1. No prior Knowledge required
  2. We do not have any education or age bar.
  3. Applicants willing to learn is a must.

Contact Us:

+977 - 1 - 4410487 +977 - 9801113124

Contact Time:

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Limited Seats Available

(First Come First Serve basis)

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Our Trainers

Mr. Utsav Neupane

iCapital Pvt. Ltd.
Futures Fund Manager

Mr. Utsav Neupane is currently involved as Futures Fund Manager at iCapital Private Limited and has more than 7 years of experience trading financial instruments in both national and international markets which includes commodities, foreign exchange and stocks. He specializes in trading Gold Futures while focusing on Technical Analysis. He believes in timing the market and view technical analysis as a perfect tool to do so.