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Beginners - Start Investing in Share Market

Course Content

Day 1
1.1 Introduction and experience sharing of participants 1.2 Basic terms: IPO / secondary market share, NEPSE, Broker & DP, DMAT, Buy/Sell Order, book close etc. 1.3 Tips on being client of a broker 1.4 Tips on opening DMAT account 1.5 Tips on IPO application 1.6 Tips on Share buy/sell slip issue 1.7 Payment / receipts settlement with brokers 1.8 Checking DMAT for purchase/sell shares, bonus share and right share tracking 1.9 Broker relationship management
Day 2
2.1 Setting market entry and exit strategy 2.2 Identify the good company's share buy by analyzing the fundamental ratios (analytical tool) 2.3 Back up the decisions by checking with some technical analysis tool 2.4 Grabbing bonus share / dividend opportunity 2.5 Share price adjustment after book close for bonus share, right share 2.6 Portfolio mix for return optimization
Day 3
3.1 Monitoring the portfolio performance (share tracker) 3.2 Return target vs real return calculation 3.3 Wait or exit for particular company's share 3.4 Portfolio categorization (must sell, nice to sell, sale in case, must not sell) 3.5 Injecting fresh investment fund (source, cost of fund, opportunity cost analysis) 3.6 Individual or institutional play in share market? 3.7 Closing of sessions

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Upcoming Session:

15th March, 2020 to 17th March, 2020

Session per day:

2 hours / day


4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


1. No prior Knowledge required. 2. No age bar. 3. Familiarity with basic terminology and process will be an added value.

Target Group:

1. Beginners who really want to start investment in share market 2. Novice investors who want to have practical tips and tricks to get more benefits 3. Novice investors who want to develop their practical investment strategies

Training Fee:

Rs. 5,000 Incl. VAT

Total Session Duration:

3 days

Training Objective:

1. Develop a solid confidence to start investment after training. 2. Develop a practical knowledge base for do and do nots in share investments. 3. Provide practical investment skills to participants that will last lifetime. 4. Assist to develop investment strategies in share market investment.

About the Course:

This 3 days training will provide you the introductory theoretical base and more practical dash on primary and secondary market share investments. Participants will learn how to select the good company's shares from the listed companies. Training will cover how to optimize returns by applying key tips and tricks. How to avoid common mistakes on share markets will also be focused in training.

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Our Trainers

Mr. Keshav Prasad Shrestha

Max Vision Limited

Dr.Keshav Shrestha is Chairman of Max Vision Ltd. and also an investor in Nepalese share market, other active and passive investments. He has 36 years of working experience in corporate level management, finance, audit, administration, HR and IT sectors. He has more than 20 years of experience in share market. He loves to train people who want to enter into investment arena. His investment knowledge is well diverse and has also pioneered the innovative concept of hybrid investing. Dr. Shrestha is an MBA, BL degree holder and has worked in senior level of management in corporate and development agencies. He is the writer of 13 different types of books. His last book is named "Samriddhiko Bato" which gained popularity among readers, especially to entrepreneurs and investors. Dr. Shrestha conducts a wide range of investment training. He also has expertise in venture development. He is involved in motivational classes to the BBA / MBA finalists in the different colleges.