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Nepse Basics

Course Content

1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction: Students and Instructors 1.2 Introduction to Investing 1.3 Types of Investing 1.4 Why Invest in Stock Market? 1.5 The myths of investing in Stock Market 1.6 What kind of investor are you? (Risk/Return Profile)
2. Types of Stock Market
2.1 Primary Market (IPO, FPO) 2.2 Secondary Market (NEPSE) 2.3 Auction Market 2.4 OTC Market 2.5 DMAT and Account Opening/Using Process
3. Nepal Stock Exchange (Introduction)
3.1 Inception of Securities Market in Nepal 3.2 Members, Trading System, Market Timings 3.3 How to Read Stock Table/Quote 3.4 Index, Market Capitalization, Sub Indices, Circuit Breaker, Market Depth, Floorsheet
4. Market Participants & Key Concepts
4.1 Stock broker 4.2 Merchant banker (Portfolio Management Services) 4.3 Mutual Fund 4.4 Institutional Investors 4.5 DP 4.6 Market Maker 4.7 Retail Investors 4.8 ASBA 4.9 Credit Rating and ICRA 4.10 Dividends (Bonus/ Right Shares), AGM, SAGM, Book Close
5. Market Regulators and their Policies
5.1 SEBON and its relation to stock price 5.2 NEPSE and its relation to stock price 5.3 NRB and its relation to stock price 5.4 IB and its relation to stock price
6. Financial Reports
6.1 Quarterly Report (Balance Sheet ,PL Account, Ratios and Cash flow Statement) 6.2 Annual Report
7. Type of Analysis
7.1 Fundamental Analysis (Industry/Comparative) 7.2 Technical Analysis (MA/RSI/BB/MACD/Trend) 7.3 Other Analysis (Political/Economic)

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Upcoming Session:


Session per day:

2.5 hours / day


4 PM TO 6:30 PM


1. No prior knowledge required 2. We do not have any education or age bar. 3. Applicants willing to learn about Nepalese Share Market is a MUST!!

Target Group:

1. Beginner or those who want to invest in stock market but do not have any prior knowledge. 2. Anyone having interest or eager to gain insight on Nepalese Share Market

Training Fee:

Rs. 10,000 (Including VAT)

Total Session Duration:

7 days

Training Objective:

About the Course:

In this 7 days of training, trainees will be taught the basics of Nepalese Stock market. After the completion of the course, you will have a clearer picture of the Nepalese Stock Market, how it functions and having acquired all the basic knowledge, you will be confident enough to make your investment decisions.

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Our Trainers

Mr. Ajay Shrestha

iCAPITAL Private Limited
Chairman & Managing Director

Ajay Shrestha, a Master’s Graduate in Management (Topper) with a specialization in Finance from Kathmandu University is a Founder/CMD at iCapital and Managing Director at Alpha Capital. He has 13 years of experience in national and international financial Markets and his core expertise lies in stock market investments. He is a serial entrepreneur and has founded SB Textiles, Growmax Investment, Source Code and Kaffeine. He also serves as Director at True North Associates (Venture Capital/Private Equity firm) and Past President at Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum.