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Technical Analysis

Course Content

1. What is Technical Analysis?
1.1 Premises of Technical Analysis 1.2 Strengths and weakness of Technical Analysis 1.2.1 Technical versus Fundamental Analysis 1.3 Random Walk Theory 1.4 Dow Theory
2. Chart Analysis
2. 1 The charts 2.1.1 Different types of charts 2.2 Candlestick chart analysis 2.2.1 One candle pattern (Doji, Hammer, Shooting Star, Inverted Hammer) 2.2.2 Two candle pattern (Bullish Engulfing bar, Bearish Engulfing bar, Bearish harami, Bullish harami 2.2.3 Three candle pattern (Evening Star, Morning Star)
3. Understanding Supply & Demand mechanism
3.1 Understanding Support and Resistance 3.1.1 Why do support and resistance lines occur? 3.1.2 Change of support to resistance and vice-versa 3.2 Trendlines 3.3 Channels 3.4 Fibonacci Sequence 3.5 Importance of Volume Analysis
4. Pattern Analysis
4.1 Reversal Patterns 4.1.1 Double Tops and Double Bottoms 4.1.2 Triple Tops and Triple Bottoms 4.1.3 Head and Shoulder 4.1.4 The Inverse Head and Shoulder 4.1.5 Price Objective 4.1.6 Saucers and Spikes
5. Continuation Patterns
5.1 Triangles and its types 5.2 The Broadening Formation 5.3 Flags and Pennants 5.4 Wedge 5.5 Rectangle
6. Major Indicators and Oscillators
6.1 What does a technical indicator offers? 6.2 Why use indicators? 6.3 Types of indicators 6.4 Moving Averages and its types 6.4.1 Major Moving Averages and Crossovers 6.5 Oscillators 6.5.1 Understanding Momentum 6.5.2 Relative Strength Index (RSI) - Overbought and oversold; Divergence 6.5.3 Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD)- Uses and benefits
7. Trading Psychology and Risk Management
7.1 Components of risk management 7.2 Analysis Risk Reward 7.3 Stop loss concept 7.4 Qualities of successful trader 7.5 Golden rules of traders 7.6 Importance of discipline in trading

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2 hours / day


5 PM - 7 PM


1. No prior Knowledge required 2. We do not have any education or age bar. 3. Applicants willing to learn about Nepalese Share Market is a MUST!!

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Investors/ Traders looking to make well- timed trading decisions on their own through technical analysis.

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Rs. 6,000 Incl. VAT

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7 days

Training Objective:

In this 7 days of training, students will be taught the basics of Technical Analysis. After the completion of the course, all the students will gain insight on what exactly is Technical Analysis, how it functions and having acquired all the basic knowledge, a student will be confident enough to make their investment decisions.

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Mr. Utsav Neupane

iCapital Pvt. Ltd.
Futures Fund Manager

Mr. Utsav Neupane is currently involved as Futures Fund Manager at iCapital Private Limited and has more than 7 years of experience trading financial instruments in both national and international markets which includes commodities, foreign exchange and stocks. He specializes in trading Gold Futures while focusing on Technical Analysis. He believes in timing the market and view technical analysis as a perfect tool to do so.