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One Day Share Market

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Upcoming Session:


Session per day:

6 hours


10 AM - 4 PM


1. No prior Knowledge required 2. We do not have any education or age bar. 3. Applicants willing to learn is a must.

Target Group:

1. All beginners mentally ready to invest in share market. 2. Jobholders who want to do side business in share market 3. Housewives who want to earn additional money in share market. 4. Students who want to start their journey in share market 5. Who want to play safe with steady earnings from share market? 6. People who want to find out "hidden gem" shares in market.

Training Fee:

Rs. 1,200 Incl. VAT

Total Session Duration:

3 days

Training Objective:


About the Course:

This one day (6 hours) training is really power packed about everything you should know before entering share market. It quickly gives you basic knowledge, let you know what you should prepare to be ready to go. It also covers how to search best shares from the flooding market that makes you winner and provides practical exposure too. So, this is "all in one" valuable training within 1 day time.

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Our Trainers

Mr. Keshav Prasad Shrestha

Max Vision Limited

Dr.Keshav Shrestha is Chairman of Max Vision Ltd. and also an investor in Nepalese share market, other active and passive investments. He has 36 years of working experience in corporate level management, finance, audit, administration, HR and IT sectors. He has more than 20 years of experience in share market. He loves to train people who want to enter into investment arena. His investment knowledge is well diverse and has also pioneered the innovative concept of hybrid investing. Dr. Shrestha is an MBA, BL degree holder and has worked in senior level of management in corporate and development agencies. He is the writer of 13 different types of books. His last book is named "Samriddhiko Bato" which gained popularity among readers, especially to entrepreneurs and investors. Dr. Shrestha conducts a wide range of investment training. He also has expertise in venture development. He is involved in motivational classes to the BBA / MBA finalists in the different colleges.