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Nepali Paisa Moderators and Administrators may delete, hide, or move posts and threads that do not follow the rules, or for any reason deemed in the best interests of the Forum.

Moderators will, if deemed necessary, issue a warning to the members who do not follow the rules. We may further suspend or ban any member immediately and without notice who:

  1. Commits more than three violation of any rule.
  2. Commits the same rule infraction after having previously been warned about the same rule.
  3. Handles more than one account
  4. Uses abusive language or try to abuse any of the users or Nepali Paisa administrators.
  5. Who threatens political, business or community leaders by any means?

Access to discussion forum is open to people from all walks of life, only after a user completes the registration process.

If another member breaks the rules, absolutely ignore the remarks- no response is the best response.


  1. Members are not allowed to use the discussion forum for the purpose of advertising their product or self promotion.
  2. Members must not post the same information in multiple threads or forums, or post links to information in other forums or threads unless it is relevant to the subject matter of the thread.
  3. Members must not make worthless, disrupting or nonsensical posts; any such posts will be considered spam and deleted at the discretion of the forum moderators or administration.
  4. Members must not post information, vocabulary, jokes, images, or links to external material that includes anything vulgar, inappropriate, or offensive.
  5. Members are not allowed to post "bad word" directly or with letters replaced by stars, etc.
  6. Members must not post any messages that personally attack, harass, insult, belittle, threaten or flame another member within the forum.
  7. Members may not post messages that are obvious lies, or that are meant to 'bait' or 'troll' other members.
  8. Members' posts should stick to the subject matter of the thread and avoid engaging in off-subject discussions.
  9. Members must not start, or participate in, arguments, beyond a reasonable and relevant discussion of the subject matter.
  10. Members must not post threads or questions to criticize moderator or administrator actions.
  11. Every discussion that the members conduct in the forum should be strictly related only to the stock market.
  12. Members are not allowed to post links or blogs from other financial or non-financial websites.
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